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03 August, 2010


I talk to myself a lot...This web site is no exception, but maybe that in itself is a negative thought which is the subject of this post.

For years I have been saying to anyone willing to listen (my late mother for one and more recently, my wife Rosanne):  "For heaven sake, don't dwell on negative things.  Don't worry so much.  Stop repeating how badly you feel...You are only making matters worse for yourself."  Beneath my breath, I frequently add: " are starting to annoy me and put me in a negative frame of mind like yours".

Most people do not really pay attention to what they say when they are just making passing comments or off-the-cuff remarks.  But they can have a significant impact on life.  These are usually simple responses to what often seem like routine questions, such as "how are you" or "how are things going?" or "how's life treating you today?"... "how's work going?"

We get asked these questions everyday, and over time we form some routine responses.  In many cases automatic replies will have no impact on how our lives are shaped but, conversely, those remarks or other voluntary comments that seem to be made in passing or in jest, can have a significant impact on how one's life turns out.

If you're one who complains a lot, you're likely to get more of what you complain about.  On the other hand, look for solutions and more often than not you will find them.  Focus on the problem and you'll get more of the same, right?  It has always been pretty simple to me that bad thoughts attract more bad thoughts and good thoughts lend themselves to a positive mindset, but in spite of that conviction I have found even myself falling into the trap of negativity in moments of weakness or forgetfulness.

But how do you go from complaining or focusing on problems to attracting what you want and improving or changing your life so that you overcome your ills or achieve desired goals?  Karim Hajee, author and creator of the popular "Creating Power" self-help program, recently reinforced for me the fact that the answer to that question is actually easier than you think if you understand that your words actually shape your life.

Not every word we speak will manifest, but what we say repeatedly, is what we begin to believe and that takes hold in our subconscious mind and manifests.  So we have to give ourselves a shake from time to time with the reminder that we simply cannot afford to harbour negative thoughts because one always leads to another -- and another, and another.

Now, if you really want to be happy in life, overcome problems, and be fulfilled as an individual, do as Karim suggests and focus on what it is that you really want and become a vibrating magnet to that end.  What we are talking about here is The Law of Attraction which is undisputed.

We pretty much attract both the good and bad in our lives.  I don't know about you, but in the time that I have left I'm concentrating on the good...And watching what I say, even if it is to myself. 

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