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12 August, 2010


It never fails, just when I begin feeling that I am missing the mark with my blog sites and that no one really cares about my nostalgic ramblings in particular, out of the blue I hear from someone who makes it all worthwhile.  Such is the case with an email that I received earlier today from Andrea (Ruttle) McElhone of Montreal.  I'll let Andrea take it from here.

"Hi Dick.  This thank-you is LONG overdue.  Ever since I received the Tribute to Doc Ruttle via Paul Weese, I have wanted to express my appreciation but didn't look to see the obvious reference to your email address.  I hope this reaches you and that you are still writing about Dresden on your blog.

"It was wonderful to retrieve the article through this medium.  I get to read it whenever I choose and I have been able to share it with a few friends who never met my Dad.  Living in Montreal since 1974, my life has been wonderful yet disconnected from Dresden.  If a friend is curious about my parents, I can say "I'll send you a snapshot of my Dad, my Mother and my home town."  The fact that a portion was written in Dad's words is especially revealing.  My children also appreciate having this in print.

"I have lots of memories of your parents as well.  I remember your Dad as a kind and friendly man and I have more memories of your Mom by way of her friendship with mine.  I also remember dropping in to the drug store (Carr's and McTavish) with my friends most days after school and your Mother would join  us in some form of kidding around.

"My current connection to Dresden is by way of Bob and Paul Weese and Carol Holmes Park.

"I understand that you are very busy in retirement and generally enjoying life.  Your blog sites seem to be a natural evolution of your journalistic skills.  The rest of us have benefited.  I know that my sister Carol also was very happy to receive this Tribute.

"Thanks again for reminding us of our Dad's qualities and values.  All the best!"

-- Andrea Ruttle McElhone. 

NOTE FROM DICK:  Andrea is the "baby" sister of my old friend Jim Ruttle.  I actually remember when she was born.  Growing up in Dresden, I may have said no more than a half-dozen words to her in a 10-11-year period.  Now, through my web sites and the memories we share, we come together as mature adults (one more mature than the other, I fear) and that's what makes all of this so gratifying.  The little girl I never spoke to is now my friend with something in common.  I feel very close to her even though we may never physically cross paths again.

Life does have its wonderful twists and surprises.  Thank you for this one Andrea!

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