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06 August, 2010


We are hearing a lot these days about people opting out of demanding careers and  meat-grinder existences in the corporate world.  Variety stores in the country, lakeside marinas, bed and breakfast businesses, antique shops, gentleman farming, real estate, taxi cab driving, landscaping, golf club and tennis racquet restoration, church ministry, writing a book (to name but a few) are some of the popular occupational retreats of choice.

While circumstances were somewhat different, I too for that matter, left the security of a regular pay cheque at one time in favour of the ill-advised challenge of entrepreneurship and working on my own.  It's all about escaping stress, being the master of one's own destiny and finding a comfortable niche doing something you truly enjoy as you wind down to eventual retirement.

The lure of "a more simple life" in a rural setting, cottage country or a small community, can be extremely appealing to someone approaching burnout from life in a competitive and exhaustive business environment.  I can't help but wonder, however, what kind of world would result if every stressed or disgruntled manager or rank-and-file worker decided to join the exodus to more simple, easy lifestyles doing work that brings total personal satisfaction and joy.

God bless those who are able to make successful transitions in their life, but my hat is off to those who keep their noses to the grindstone and stay the course in demanding yet essential jobs in health care and social services, manufacturing, retail, public service, business and corporate management 
and politics, all helping to keep the wheels of trade, commerce and government grinding and lending balance to the world.

Think of how strange it would be if we all worked in stress-free jobs that we thoroughly enjoyed.  Who would do the real work?

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