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18 August, 2010


I was corresponding with a friend last night on the subject of pursuing things that are personally important to us or are deepest in our heart.  Then something that I read reminded me that it's not an accident you love the things you love. It is not altogether profound to suggest also that it is not an accident that you care about the things you care about.

Neither is it an accident when you find yourself miserable or unhappy. This is the sign or signal that you are off the path of your passion(s) and a serious soul-search is no doubt in your best interest.

Why is it so often difficult for us to realize that when we follow the loves in our life we have all the joy, all the success and all the wishes that are deepest in our heart?

Do not hesitate to follow your passion, dear friend.  It will do your heart good!

Others may not always approve or understand, but why should we care...We're too busy fulfilling the desire within us and others are not necessarily expected to feel what we feel...Too bad for them!

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