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14 August, 2010


Back in April I posted a story about the discovery of a skeleton in an old cistern on a property in rural Dresden.  Late Friday, area police confirmed the identity of the body as that of Clinton John Brown, a World War Two veteran who had mysteriously gone missing in 1975.  The announcement came as a relief to members of Brown's family and area residents who had speculated for 35 years on the disappearance of the 61-year-old bachelor.

The above video is of the official announcement by a Chatham-Kent Police spokesman.

Clint was a quiet, unassuming individual who had survived an 18-month stint in a prisoner of war concentration camp in Italy and wanted nothing more than to come back to Dresden and live the life that he and his comrades had fought and sacrificed for.  He lived in a trailer not far from the property where his body was finally and unexpectedly discovered.

Regardless of circumstances, the bottom of a well is no place for a body to spend eternity.  May Clint finally rest, deservedly, in peace.  You are saluted soldier!  Stand easy! 

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