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14 August, 2008

Learning is a day-to-day process sometimes just takes a while

They say you learn somethin' new every day.

Well, I got to figurin' last night. By my calculatin', so far I've lived a total of 25,781 days. To my way of thinkin' that's a lot of livin' and a lot of learnin'. Don't rightly know what I've done with all that stuff I got stored up there between my ears. Forgotten a lot of it I guess. But still, by golly...Even if I've managed to remember only half of what I've learned, maybe I'm a lot smarter than I thunk I wus.

Ever notice though, that it often takes a long time to learn some things?

When it comes to computers I'm one of them thar what ya call a "slow learner". Seems like I'm always learnin' things about this damn word machine that I should have learnt yesterday. As a result I'm always playin' catch up in learnin' about this confounded apparatus.

For instance, for the better part of two weeks I've been trying to figure out a way to link my new web sites to the main page of The Wright Slant. Nothing seemed to work, although I just knew there had to be a way to do it. Suddenly, as I was preparing supper last night, something struck me. I dropped everything (figuratively speaking) and rushed to the computer. And, much to my wondering eyes, there was the answer!

As a result of this lastest and reluctant break through, I am as pleased as punch to introduce to readers "Yours just for the clicking" as displayed for the first time at the top left of the current page. No more going to my Profile Page to link to other sites, for which I sincerely apologize. Only trouble is that I now have to create new sites with which to link.
Anyway, I learned not one but three things today.
  1. How to link web sites
  2. When you seek a solution, don't give up
  3. I'm smarter than I thunk I wus!

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