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25 August, 2008


Madison, 3, got me to thinking...
Photo: Madison and mom, Cindy
I was treated to a wonderful visit with my family this past weekend, including five grandchildren -- four teenagers and one little oops, three-year-old. I am fascinated by them all and discretely study them, wishing I could briefly invade the privacy of their developing minds to find out what they are really thinking and feeling at that particular moment. While you can almost hear the wheels turning, you never seem to be able to get close enough, if you know what I mean, and I find myself reverting to what I may have been thinking and feeling when I was their age.

My attention this weekend was particularly drawn to little Madison who is three going on 13. When you have a bubbly three-year-old in your midst you just cannot help but get caught up in their enthusiasm, energy and innocence. I caught myself, more than once, thinking how wonderful it would be if we could stay in the mode of a little child all our life -- where every valley is green and every rose is red.

Where laughter is always ringing and every smile is real. And where the hurts are little hurts that just a kiss will heal.

Where jealousy, bitterness and strife are unheard of and no one speaks unkindly.

Where peaceful dreams really do come true and the sun is always shining and the sky is for ever blue.

Where each one loves the other and every one is fair; and cheeks are *pink with beauty and singing fills the air.

Where innocence prevails and there is not a thing to dread.

Where care is not an ogre and sin is but a name, and no one thinks of money and no one sighs for fame.

Ah, yes, I yearn for the life of a three-year-old. Heaven can wait!

Meantime, stay as sweet and as innocent as you are Madi, for as long as you can. I'll try to trudge along behind, seeing and feeling life as you do -- for as long as I can.

*Madie's favorite color is pink.

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