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26 September, 2011


It seems that many regions of pumpkin growing are experiencing shortages this fall.  In the Northeastern United States and parts of Southwestern Ontario, hundreds of pumpkin patches were destroyed by hurricane Irene.   Wholesale prices have doubled in some areas as farmers nurse their surviving pumpkin plants toward a late harvest. Some farmers are trying to buy pumpkins from other regions to cover orders.  In southwestern Ontario, pumpkin farmers had to postpone planting this spring due to heavy rains.  South of the border, the wholesale price for a bin of 32 to 45 pumpkins ranged from $150 to $200 US double the normal price. In large urban centres, pumpkins could sell for up to $15 at  supermarkets.  In Bruce County, however, there does not appear to be a shortage.  Hi-Berry Farms, located on Hwy. 21 between Port Elgin and Southampton, has more than an ample supply again this year which augers well for the 25th annual Pumpkinfest celebration this coming weekend.  --Saugeen Times Photo 

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