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18 September, 2011


The world is full of worriers.  We all secretly worry from time to time, right?

I often quote astrologer Jonathan Cainer because he includes philosophical nuggets with his daily "Your Stars" forecasts.  His take on worrying caught my attention this morning:  "What do they (people who worry) all have in common? A strange delusion!"  My thinking exactly!

While I admit to periods of worry, I am the first to acknowledge that worrying never ever solved anything.  Generally, worrying just drags you down and makes matters worse.  Worriers tend to believe, against all evidence to the contrary, that they are in a minority.  They think everyone else is feeling just fine and enjoying life and that they are the only ones feeling edgy and apprehensive about a particular situation.

It is best sometimes to ask yourself:  "What am I worrying about at this particular moment?"  And "how worried should I really be?"  Chances are the answers to those two questions will underline the futility of what you have been worrying about.  So, relax already!  No more needless negativity!

If you have an overly active mind, try focusing on the many things that you do not have to worry about and thank your lucky stars.

The very fact that you have been worried means that you needn't worry at all!

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