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10 September, 2011


Virtually every thing I write and post on this site is the result of serious consideration, passion and a personal intensity that has at times been questioned -- by others as well as myself.  Suffice to say, however, if I did not feel a passion for my writing and I lacked the intensity that is ideally associated with self-expression, I would not do what I do.

I detest pretend writers...Those who superficially cater to an audience at the expense of creativity and considered thought.  Maybe that's because I have been there and got paid for doing that very thing.  I came close to journalistic prostitution during the time I spent in business public relations and industrial public affairs where I put words in other people's mouths and had virtually everything that I wrote vented and approved by a president, chief executive officer or managing director of some ilk.

Mind you, writing for others (i.e. ghost writers, speech writers) is an art unto itself but it takes a particular mindset and a special type of "behind the scenes" person who takes pleasure in seeing their words effectively delivered and well received.

As a newspaper managing editor too, I walked a very fine line between publishers, advertisers, politicians, and the expectations of a critical reading public; always cautious, always looking over my shoulder, always defensive.  I lost years off my life worrying late at night (when I should have been sleeping) about having had the editorial courage of my convictions on controversial issues.

I cringe today when I see glorified sales pamphlets masquerading as personal blog sites.  There are thousands of them on-line, all cleverly (some not so cleverly) designed to sell you something at the end of the day.  It's all about traffic-flow.  The modus operandi: "Write something -- anything -- that will draw viewers to your site and the products you are promoting."  A constant regurgitation of others' work on some sites is also phoney journalism, but to each his/her own.

All this is by way of saying that I am over-joyed with the freedom associated with being the publisher of my own work.  I can write what I want, when I want, without the pressure of a deadline or someone standing over me, reading every word as I type it.  For all intents and purposes, I am a happy keyboard camper, letting my thoughts flow unencumbered by outside influences.  I have only myself and my conscience to answer to.  The one downside is that computer spell-check has its shortcomings and in self-editing, I often overlook typos and redundancies in my text.  Rosanne used to be my backup proof reader, but she is unable to come to the computer these days so I have to go it alone.

I do not expect readers to accept everything I write as gospel.  I am only one voice among countless others.  I write because I am compelled to.  I like to think that most of what I write is for a common good and interest.  And every once in a while, I hope that there is a grain of inspiration in what I offer on Wrights Lane.  Gratification comes in the form of reader feedback and the knowledge that I have hit home with someone.

The one nice thing about exposing yourself to my musings is that it costs nothing...and you can dispense with me with the flick of a finger on the keyboard.

What's that enmass "clicking" sound I hear?

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