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14 July, 2008

There's no such thing as blind love "sees" what others cannot

There are cynics among us who maintain that "love is blind". I am convinced, however, that love is the only thing that truly sees. Where would we be today if it weren't for the fact that someone who loved us saw in us something that no one else saw? When you first detected the light of day, who but your mother ever dreamed that you were "the finest baby ever born"? And why do you suppose she subsequently gnarled her hands and wrinkled her brow for you...Because love "saw".

When the best guy or girl in the world accepted you -- as friends scratched their heads in wonder -- what was the attracting influence? Simply, because love saw something that others had not. And when the going got tough, when even you had a feeling of contempt for yourself, who ultimately reached out to you? Chances are it was someone close who reacted in your time of greatest need, because love saw.

There is something fine and wonderful in every one of us, no matter our shortcomings or how we may have failed in life. But only those who love can see it.

There are times I'm sure when everyone of us falls into the trap of picking up first on the things that we see in a person that we do not like, instead of taking time to look a little deeper for the things we do like. We should try very hard to concentrate on reversing this unhealthy tendency. It would make life a lot easier and more pleasant for all of us if we could only understand and apply the "love" principle in all our human interactions.

It is next to impossible to define love and to do so would be to delimit it because it is so infinite. I think loving is much like the "smile mirror" I talked about a couple of items ago. When you love another, that person becomes your mirror and you become there's. Reflecting in each other's love you see infinity.

Great are those who love -- and therefore see -- and understand.

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