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05 July, 2008

Let a smile be your umbrella

...on a rainy day or any other

We used to have a mirror in our bathroom that constantly reminded us to "Smile...It increases your face value!" Every time I looked at/in the mirror I had to smile, not just because I enjoy corny puns, but because it simply made me smile. Come on now, you can't even think of the word "smile" without smiling, can you? What are you doing at this very moment, even just a little?

You see, a smile not only increases our own "face value", but it generally increases the face value of the person to whom it is directed. It is truly infectious. Next to a smile, a friendly word or greeting can have a positive impact on another person. I think the two go hand-in-hand. Greet someone with a smile and watch their face light up.

The real significance of the words sprawled across the mirror came into focus one day when I was engaging in a little mind game that I often play called "The trouble with the world is..." The silly thought crossed my mind that the world would be a much better place if, somehow, we could provide every home with one of these mirrors. Then I thought "smile pins" or buttons for everyone would be a more practical approach; but even that idea was unrealistic.

Finally, it dawned on me. We don't need staggering sums of money and clever public awareness programs to help make the world smile when every single one of us is capable of tapping into our own love-based thought system. It costs nothing to wear a smile. All we have to do is project ourselves by stepping out of our insular comfort zones more often and to realize that what we see in others is a reflection of our own state of mind. In order for us to change our experience we must first change our thoughts.

Life experience teaches us that only love is real and that to give is to receive. We share love through a smile. We are responsible for the world we see and we choose the feelings that we experience. We alone can decide on the goal we want to achieve. What more, then, do we need to help make the world smile?

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