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29 July, 2008

Do rabbits really lay eggs?

...Well if the rabbit is your dad you just gotta believe!
Many times in life we are more or less asked to believe in unseen possibilities, to trust that there is some reality beyond the one that we presently understand. Having faith in something that we do not fully comprehend, can be a challenge that some people just cannot accept.
In the book Humbug Rabbit by Lorna Balian, I love the faith of the little rabbits who believe that their father is actually the Easter Bunny. Influenced by a mouse, the wabbits, as cartoon character Elmer Fudd would say, stick to their belief even when their father tells them that it is absurb and points out that rabbits "don't lay eggs". But then a cat enters the picture and events conspire to make it seem like the father really is the Easter Bunny.
My favorite scene is toward the end of the story where father rabbit is sitting in the burrow all by himself. He has this sort of wondering, half smile on his face and the text reads: "Father rabbit is wondering if he really is the Easter Bunny."
Sometimes we have to keep on believing things, even when there is much evidence to the contrary. Sometimes impossible things really may be true.

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