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05 July, 2008

Christianity is taking a hit

...Outreach can reverse the trend

Is Christian faith losing ground in today's complex, diverse and politically correct society? Sadly, the answer is "yes". Every time The Lord's Prayer is eliminated from from a government assembly or taken out of an education system, we lose. Every time a school is forced to remove Christmas carols making reference to "Christ" or "Jesus" from its Christmas celebration program, we lose. With each disturbing allegation of fraud or abuse within the Christian community, we lose by association regardless of the circumstances.

Certainly on the good news, bad news scale we are losing ground big-time; and, on the surface, we appear powerless to do anything about this devastating trend. We are reduced to writing the occasional letter of protest to elected officials and offering token rebuttals to newspaper editors and open line radio talk show hosts, but this confrontational approach gains nothing. With frustration we concede that we may never be able to recoup many of our losses.

As forces relentlessly chip away at the religious foundations and traditions of our forefathers, there is a tendency for us to become increasingly insular as Christians and that is perhaps our biggest mistake. We simply have to be more public relations conscious and in so doing let our actions speak louder than our words. We must reach out more aggressively and let our good works speak for themselves -- let our Christianity shine through. We can reverse the anti-Christian flow by doing what Christians do best, steadfastly applying The Golden Rule and faithfully filling the spiritual void in society. The only way to suppress detractors is to overwhelm them with goodness.

Turf lost is just that. Pray that we can hold on to what is left.

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