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17 July, 2008

Joshie's message from Heaven

...from a grandmother who loved him

I have been holding a little story close to my heart for some time now and I think that the time is right to give it wings on this site.

On the eve of the funeral of my first wife Anne, grandson Joshua (then five years of age, see photo to the right) asked his mother Cindy if there was any way he could "talk" to his grandmother in Heaven. Thinking quickly, his mother confirmed that communicating with his grandmother would be possible. All he had to do was talk to her just as he had when she was alive. "In this way you can send messages back and forth to Gramma in Heaven," she explained.

There was a brief pause and then: "Oh, wait," exclaimed Joshie, "I'm getting a message now."

"From Gramma?" Cindy asked.

"Yes!" Joshie replied.

"What is she saying," was the natural next question from Cindy.

With eyes glancing upward, the five-year-old responded without hesitation: "She says, 'I love you too' !"

Taken by surprise, Cindy discreetly chose not to push further. She would later divulge that at the time she was attempting to comfort her son during a very confusing and sad period in their lives but, instead, it was Joshie's words that gave her comfort. Out of the mouths of babes...!

There is nothing I can add to this story. It is what it is. I resist rationalization and speculation. But just think for a moment: "...I love you too!"

Gramma's "message" was the thing.


Cin said...

I was supposed to be the one helping Josh through a very sad and confusing time, but somehow his words comforted me.

johnny49 said...
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