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29 January, 2011


Here's a good one for you.  A fellow by the name Stewart was waiting for a train. He was a bit early and had some time to spare.  Knowing that he would be a while, he purchased a newspaper so he could do the crossword puzzle while he waited.  He slso picked up a cup of coffee, and a packet of cookies.   He found a spot on a bench next to a chap in a business suit and craddling a leather briefcase in his lap. After a few moments of settling in his seat and arranging his coat between the two of them, the other fellow suddenly leaned over, picked up the pack of cookies, tore it open and took one.  The cookie was gone in two bites.  Stewart didn't know how to react.  He had never had anything like this happen before, so he did nothing and just ignored it.  He buried his nose in the newspaper, took a sip of coffee and pretended to be oblivious to what had just happened.Since the packet of cookies was already open, Stewart could not resist the temptation.  As casual as possible, he he took out a cookie and ate it, thinking that that would settle the matter.  A moment or two later the other guy reached across and took another cookie.  Stewart thought that this time it would be just too awkward to say anything since he had ignored it the first time.  For the next few silent and rather awkward minutes they would take turns picking up the packet and eating a cookie before putting it down again.  They went through the entire pack of cookies this way. When the cookies were gone, Stewart's friend simply stood up and walked away.  Stewart's train pulled into the station shortly thereafter and he hurringly got to his feet and picked up the newspaper, unexpectantly and unbelievingly exposing his unopened pack of cookies.  Talk about being embarrased, Stewart could not believe his eyes.  The funny thing about the unusual situation was that there was another guy out there somewhere who had the same story, but did not know the punch line.  The lesson that can be learned from the story is to never assume you know the whole story.  It is good to get all the facts before jumping to conclusions. As we said in the previous post (below) "things are not always what they seem"...Even a packet of cookies shared by two strangers in a train station.

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