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14 January, 2011


One of the newest forms of healing is not really new at all. The merits of writing therapy have been espoused for quite some time.  Most people are simply not aware of the therapeutic value of writing or “journaling” which is really the sophisticated equivalent of keeping a diary.

It may sound crazy but it works! Through writing therapy a person can relive and relieve some of the rough patches they have experienced in life.  The trick (as with physical therapy) is to do it as consistently as possible.

With writing therapy you are your own remedy. It is strictly personal and there isn’t a right or wrong way to express yourself. You can do it just about anywhere and it only requires a small amount of time each day. But be forewarned: When you are engrossed in creative thought or letting your inner self pour out on paper or through your fingers on a keyboard, time can pass very quickly. And another thing, you don't have to be an Ernest Hemingway. For goodness sake, look at me...anyone can do it.

When writing, you might find that you prefer poetry over storytelling, or humor over memoir. Maybe narrative will appeal to you in journaling thoughts,  ideas and experiences. Maybe you will turn your writing into a story and who knows where that may lead.  Regardless, writing has been proven to relieve abuse, disease, asthma, depression, arthritis, disorders and even trauma. It has also been known to bring a positive change in heart rate, the immune system, blood pressure, stress and infection.  Simply stated, it allows the author to gain control and at the same time vent emotions and convictions that otherwise would remain bottled up for ever.

And, here's a thought...If you produce something that you think others may enjoy or relate to.  Submit it for publication somewhere (keep Wrights Lane in mind for that matter -- I'm always open to guest items).  You'll be amazed at the satisfying rush you will get out of seeing your work in print.   

If you are reading this, you have a computer -- so get busy.  Paper and pencil will do too.

Write, feel good, stay healthy my friends!

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