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10 January, 2011


My favorite astrologer Justin Cainer makes a good point when he cautions Pisceans against the hurry-up-and-wait syndrome.              

We spend a lot of our lives rushing from one place to another.  We also spend a lot of our lives waiting.  We stand in lines, we wait in doctors offices, we wait in traffic, we wait for things to happen.  We set slow processes in motion and then fill in time while they complete themselves.  We would do well to ask ourselves just how much of what seems urgent really is urgent.  By all means, we should move at speed when absolutely necessary, but only at a speed that feels comfortable because generally we are not in a race.   Or rather, we are, but it is called "the human race" and we win it by moving steadily, purposely and happily  -- none of which we do when we are in a hurry.  When you feel compelled to rush, step back for a moment and consider the tortoise...BUT NEVER TAKE YOUR EYE OFF THE FINISH LINE.

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