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01 January, 2011


Well, here we go again...Another new year with eternal potential for new beginnings and optimism.

Rosanne and I brought in 2011 last night in front of the TV watching the ball drop at Times Square in New York (typical Canadians, aye!).  We toasted Baby '11 with a cup of hot chocolate spiked with Bailey's Irish Cream and a liberal dollop of whipped cream.  We did a midnight group hug with our gal Lucy in the middle, mentally embracing a few loved ones past and present and called it a night, or should I say a year.  

I awoke this morning after a relatively sound seven-and-a-bit hours of sleep, which is better than average for me.  After a shower, I unconsciously deposited myself in an easy chair en route to the kitchen, still clutching an armful of towels and clothing destined for the laundry.  I had been on cruise control with a mind that was completely in neutral.  I momentarily drifted. 

"Dick, I'm hungry!" came the voice from a blanket-wrapped body in a living room recliner opposite me.  "I need to eat something!"  It was Rosanne and her tone of voice suggested that I'd better get a move on -- pronto.  I had just been jolted back to the reality of daily routine and responsibility.

As I poured water into the coffee maker I began to realize that I was almost magically experiencing a physical and mental metamorphose whereby I was being relieved of recent cares, stresses and frustrations.  I suddenly felt awakened with a sense of renewal and hope in the dawning of a new year.  My God, I needed that!

As I write this now, I'm feeling pretty good about the prospects of the next 12 months.  Certainly there is a rush of rejuvenation and I can't wait for what is around the corner.  I'm also kind of glad for what I've left behind, but ever mindful of blessings. 

New beginnings are wonderful, aren't they?  Here's to yours in 2011, dear friends!

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