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22 April, 2010


Okay, here's one from my collection of "Kids Say the Darnedest Things" that I just cannot resist passing on.  Maybe I should not repeat it, but I think that it is innocent, cute and funny.

No doubt that we have all experienced our kids coming home from school with shockingly increased vocabularies gleaned from the playground.  Rosanne's by  then 11-year-old son Bob, gregarious and  impressionable, was no exception.

One evening Rosanne took Bob to a restaurant for his all-time favorite hamburger and chips.  A friendly young waitress took Rosanne's order first and then turned her attention to Bob.  "What would you like, young man?" she asked.

Sitting with a far-away look in his eyes and uncharacteristically, Bob did not respond to the question.  "Go ahead Bob, tell the nice waitress what you want," Rosanne encourage him.

After a long, pensive pause Bob finally spoke.  "Okay, could I have sex please?"

Neither a mortified Rosanne or the crimson-faced waitress knew where to look.

Collecting her composure, and not taking her eyes off the order pad, the waitress replied:  "Sorry, that's not on the menu."

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