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22 April, 2010



I'm back in business once again this morning with a clean computer system, thanks to my tech friend who was able to remove the troublesome "Security Tool" rogue invader.  I simply cannot fathom the minds of people who create these virus-type programs and inflict them on an unsuspecting computer public.  No other word for it but "criminal".

One thing though, whenever I am without the computer for a day or two I am always amazed at how much extra work I am able to do around the house.

Rosanne continues to make great strides on her wellness journey.  She has a long way to go, but she is determined to make it.  One thing in her favor has been a remarkable drop in weight since her hospitalization.

She has lost a total of 41.5 pounds to date and her body is giving every indication that it is capable of shedding another 200-220 pounds more.  Her goal for this summer is to be able to go for short walks outside with Lucy --and to go shopping.

And, oh yes, I am continuing to lose weight too -- 25 pounds as of this morning's weigh-in.  My goal for this summer is to join Rosanne and Lucy on those short walks.  I'll think about the shopping, however.

Talking about shopping, it is no secret that Rosanne lives to shop.  Strangely enough, she even takes great delight in exchanging the things that she buys.  It is just not in her nature to purchase an item once and keep it...Not the right size, not the right color, just not right period (you get the picture).  It just seems to be a matter of principle with her.  She has even volunteered to take things back that other people have purchased and they gladly let her.  She has a special talent and believe me she is good at it..  The only trouble is that she has been housebound recently and expects me to do the exchanging for her, to which I have to insist: "No way Hose`!"

A number of years ago, Rosanne and her then eight-year-old son Bobby were visiting her parents in Etobicoke.  In conversation, her father, John, asked young Bob what he did yesterday.  "We went shopping at the mall and bought a whole lot of stuff," was Bob's quick replay.

"What did you do today?"  John then queried.

"We took everything back," the young lad said without hesitation.

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