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09 April, 2010


I was marvelling the other day at  the resilience of a certain patch of ivy.  Season after changing season, it just never losses its grip and comes back each spring healthier and stronger than ever.  I got to thinking that this hearty climbing vine of many varieties has a serious life lesson for we human inhabitants of planet earth. 

After surviving years of shine and shade, wet and dry, summer heat and winter's chilling blast, I have seen cases where ivy has lost its hold on a tree, a fence or a wall -- often with the aid of human hand or through the raveges of time.  Once its grip has been lost, the ivy withers and falls to the ground to be trodden under foot and finally disappear.

The lesson for you and I, dear friends, is that if we lose hold of our faith and our will, we too will wither and die.

Life is all about holding on...Keeping a firm grip!

Ivy!  Thou art ever green,
Let me changeless, then, be seen.

Ivy!  Clinging round the tree,
Gladly would I learn of thee.

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