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02 September, 2014


We sometimes hear a person in weak health say to another, "I always feel better when you come to see me (or get in touch)!"

There is a deep scientific reason underlying that statement.  The power of suggestion so far as the human mind is concerned is a most wonderful and interesting field of study.

One of the world's most noted scientists once proved through laboratory experiments that the entire human structure can be completely changed, made over, within a short period of time, suggesting that the accepted method involving the application of drugs, medicines and external agencies was an artificial cure.

The late Dr. Jack Ruttle of Dresden, who practiced in the days when doctors made house calls, used to say that many times he did not have to dispense "pills" because all that many of his patients really needed was a visit from him. "They just seemed to feel better even before I left their home," he explained.

I suggest that Dr. Ruttle carried with him the spirit of health.  He brought into the home a friendly, almost family-like disposition that implanted hope in the minds of the patients he visited. He cared and that in itself was sufficient medicine in many cases.

In reality, the only thing that any drug or medicine can do is to remove obstructions and in turn give life forces a better chance to do their work.  One person may do a very great deal in connection with the healing of another, but this almost invariably implies co-operation on the part of the one who is being treated. We need only take a look at the Bible and the healings that Jesus Christ performed.  He most always needed the co-operation of the one who appealed to him for help.  His question always was, "Dost thou believe?" thereby stimulating into activity the life-giving forces within the one cured.

We have countless accounts of remarkable non-medical cures in all times and in connection with all religions, so why should not the power of effecting such cures exist among us today?  The power most certainly does exist in all of us and it can be actualized in just the degree that we recognize the same great laws that were recognized in biblical times.  We would do well to remember that health is just as contagious as disease.

Full, rich and abounding health is the normal and the natural condition of life.  Anything else is an abnormal condition...God never created sickness, suffering and disease; they are of human creation. So used are we to seeing them in our lives that we come gradually, if not to think of them as natural, to consider them as a matter of course.

I find it interesting that more that 100 years ago Ralph Waldo Trine wrote:  "The time will come when the work of the physician will not be to treat and to attempt to heal the body, but to heal the mind, which in turn will heal the body. In other words, the the physician will be a teacher whose work will be to keep people well, instead of attempting to make them well after sickness and disease comes on; and still beyond this there will come a time when each will be his own physician."

The health of our bodies, just as the health and strength of our minds, depends upon what we relate ourselves with and how we feed the soul within. It all has to do with a vital realization of the omnipotence of our own interior powers and how we nurture and use them.

Is it too much of a stretch to think that we have the unrealized potential to be our own physicians capable of attending to our full and ever-renewing bodily health and strength?

Something to think about on the Tuesday following the Labour Day weekend.

Here's to good health, my friend!  Make your own house call.  Do a checkup on the infinite power within you.

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