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25 September, 2014


Actress Emma Watson Gives The Most Powerful UN Speech...“Feminists Are Not Man-Haters”

Actress Emma Watson recently made a powerful speech to the United Nations on gender, which has sent waves across the world. The 24-year-old “Harry Potter girl” and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, launched HeForShe Campaign, a U.N. Movement for Gender Equality, last weekend in New York.

It was hoped she could be used to stop violence against women and help fight the fight for gender equality. In her presentation, a very poised Emma regretted the fact that women today are choosing not to identify as feminists. "If you hate the word "feminist", it is not the word that is important, it is the idea and ambition behind it," she stressed.

She also emphasized that gender equality is a male issue too, but I cannot do justice to her 11- minute talk in a brief summary of her remarks in this post. Instead you are invited to click on the attached video which captures the essence of her very carefully worded and poignant presentation. Personally, I truly believe it is time for all genders to be treated equally and we can learn a lot by listening to this beautiful young woman's words. It may even change your mind about feminism in today's world.

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