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30 August, 2014


I was sitting in my favourite lunch diner the other day waiting for a Reuben sandwich takeout order for Rosanne (she loves Reuben sandwiches and I try get them for her two or three times a month since she is confined to the house due to health reasons).  I could not help but notice a chap at a table across from me as he ordered a piece of banana cream pie.

"I'd like to have my pie first and I will place the rest of the order later," the elderly man quietly explained to a somewhat puzzled waitress.

Sure enough, when he had lovingly devoured the pie he ordered a hot beef sandwich.

After I had paid for my takeout order, I could not help but inquire about the man's unusual eating sequence.

"Well, it's like this," he said..."Banana cream pie is my absolute favourite but sometimes I am too full after my main course and I do not enjoy it as much as I'd like to.  So I always have my pie first and govern myself accordingly after that.  Sometimes I enjoy my pie so much that I don't have anything else."

The explanation made sense to me and I completely understood.

There is a life lesson here.

In my working days when faced with a list of things to do in a given period of time, I would tackle the difficult, less savoury chores first and leave the thing(s) that I do best until last because I knew that I could do it faster as crunch time loomed.  Sometimes it worked and sometimes it did not.  There were times when I was too rushed at deadline to finish up with my best effort, hence I was stressed and robbed myself of the satisfaction of living up to expectations.

As I grew older in retirement, I learned to be more like the man and his banana cream pie...With qualifications, I have my enjoyment up front each day,  If I do not have room for the other mundane things, I know they will be there for me another day.  At least I have enjoyed myself when I can...That particular enjoyment may never present itself again another day.

In fact there may never be another day.

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