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07 October, 2011


I've said it many times before and I'll say it again:  We all have strength that we did not know existed deep within us.  Without even knowing it, we find ourselves adapting to unexpected and unfortunate situations that life throws in our path.  We forget that we have this facility until circumstances put us under pressure.

Just when we are starting to think that we have no answers, we suddenly find ourselves taking in stride, and dealing with, seemingly impossible problems and challenges.  This hidden ability is really a blessing in disguise and should give us all reason for hope.

Little did I realize when I was in my 20's that I would encounter career setbacks, financial hardship, health issues, death of loved ones and be cast in a situation where I was required to become a primary caregiver for a critically ill spouse.  At 20-years-of-age, I would have said "no way that I could ever handle situations like that."  But I did, to the point that I now consider myself a seasoned veteran, still dealing with the unexpected in life armed with that strength that I never knew I had.

I think that most of us do our best in our advanced years, intuitively adapting in our own way to unpleasant life issues and unexpected circumstances with a certain resolve:  We may be getting older, but in spite of aches and pains, we are growing stronger in many respects -- and getting better.

When I wear out, I will be worn out!  I never thought of it that way, but in the end it will feel kind of good knowing that I had the God-given strength to make it that far.

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