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04 October, 2011


I believe in promoting Canadian music talent whenever possible but when a young group produces a song with meaningful lyrics that we can all relate to, it is more than deserving of special mention.  There is a song included in a recently released CD by the award-winning Canadian trio High Valley that more than fits into this category.

"Call Me Old Fashioned" is a song written by Jerry Salley and David Turnbull and sung by Canadian brothers Brad, Bryan and Curtis Rampel.  Here are the lyrics that have grabbed my attention.  (I couldn't have said it any better, or sung it any better for that matter.)

I believe in making my money the hard way - so I work for it
And every job I do I do with pride
I believe in keeping a promise that I make - you've got my word on it
When I shake your hand and look you in the eye
I believe in my country and putting your hand over your heart
And taking off your hat when that anthem starts

Call me old fashioned
Call me out of touch for having faith in the way it was
When mom and pop was the place we shopped & a check was good for cashing
Call me out of style that's who I am when a neighbor's down I reach out my hand
I just can't turn my head and walk right past 'em
(And open up a ladies door without her asking)
Call me old fashioned

I believe a man should have to ask permission - for a woman's hand
Before he gets down on one knee
I believe in passing down traditions - every chance you can
So children learn what family means
And sitting round the supper table every night at six o'clock
Talking 'bout your day with the TV off

Call me old fashioned,
Call me out of touch for having faith in the way it was
When a golden band on someone's hand meant love was everlasting
Call me out of style, that's who I am, I believe kids need a mom and a dad
(And) They're worth working out any problems that you're having
Call me old fashioned

Call me out of style - that's who I am - I still say "yes sir and thank you ma'am"
And wish kids still prayed in school before their classes
Sometimes I shake my head and ask myself what happened?
Call me old fashioned.

High Valley introduced "Call Me Old Fashioned" during a concert at the Hamilton Place Studio Theatre in March of this year.  To listen to a tape of that performance click

The quality of this tape is not the greatest, but you'll get a feeling for the song and the group.  The CD is much better.

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