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22 October, 2011


Sometimes we feel we simply cannot bear to know the truth about a certain situation in our life.  We fear a matter so much, we ultimately decide that the best way to protect ourselves from it, is to ignore it.  If we keep acting as if everything is fine, the hope is that perhaps somehow, magically, the issue will work itself out satisfactorily.

If we are lucky, we may never get to the moment where we have to confront an uncomfortable reality, right?.  There is just one problem with such an attitude, however.  It forces us to go blindly through life and leaves us vulnerable.  So bravely take the bull by the horns, my friends.  Tackle the issue head on -- the sooner the better.  You need fear nothing, save fear itself, and even that will vanish once you take charge of the truth.

How well I know this to be true!

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