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24 August, 2011


I take liberties. but someone once said something to the effect Don't take life too seriously...You will never get out of it alive anyway.

Singer Bobby McFerrin also made popular the song "Don't worry, be happy" and for some personalities that may be easier said than done.  It is a good philosophy, nonetheless, and an attitude worthy of adoption.

Trust me, I have learned the hard way that I should make every effort to be easier on myself, on everyone and everything in my life.  As much as possible, and believe me it is a struggle at times, I try to suspend judgment on the way things should be, to my way of thinking.  In so doing, I find myself more at ease.  It helps too to take time to do things that relaxes us -- walking (the dog), going fishing, playing some golf, doing aerobics, visiting friends, meditating, reading, writing, know what I mean.  Personally, I take advantage of my ability to doze off to sleep at the drop of a hat and whatever I happen to leave undone at the time will certainly get done later, when I get around to it.  That, I guess, is one of the advantages of being retired with no one to answer to, other than the better half.  Naps are the greatest!

Some people think that happiness just happens, and, yes, to a degree that is true.  But happiness has a better chance of happening in situations we generally find enjoyable.

I think that we all should be more conscious of the things that bring us "ease" and ultimately "happiness" -- acceptance, patience, giving, grace, effortlessness, simplicity, acquiescing, permitting and forgiving.   We would do well to expand on those words, going so far as to make a list to review in our minds on a regular basis, lest we forget.  It's all about fostering the right attitude.

Tomorrow I plan to expand on this train of thought by adding to this post my impressions of "negativity" and how it affects our lives.  Betcha can't wait?

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