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12 August, 2011


"Sometimes in life we know that we are not the best player in the game, but if we try our hardest and are the best that we can be, there is a very good chance that we will emerge victorious because 'best players' have been known to level the playing field by being complacent."  -- The Old Coach

I always told kids that I coached in sports to not be intimidated by players who they think are better than them, rather "put all of your energy into being the best player that you can be."  The same thing applies to all aspects of life, because there will always be someone who is "better than you", but that need not stop us from the enjoyment of full application and ultimate satisfaction in having done our level best.

For me there might well be a case here for "preacher heal thyself" because I fear that I have not always "tried my level best".  Oh, I am sure that I have tried, but in retrospect I have to wonder if I fully applied myself to certain tasks and goals.  If I only had it to do over again...

Perhaps some readers of this post will also question the extent to which they have "tried their level best" in the past as opposed to just going though the paces and settling for come what may.

So this weekend, I am donning the old coach's cap and suggesting that we find the wisdom to base our decisions on inspiration rather than fear, and on imagination rather than conformity.

It is time for us to truly be the best we can be, physically and emotionally, in all that we do.  With that as our guiding principle, how can we possibly go wrong.

May we all be "the best" winners this weekend...and for ever more!

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