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30 July, 2011


In a matter of hours (two sleeps) July, 2011 will be the month that was.  While other parts of the world experienced environmental disasters, civil strife, economic downturns and man's inhumanity to man this past month, we here in God's country continued to be blessed in every way possible.

As we contemplate the month of August and plan the rest of our summer, we would do well to make a promise to ourselves to act out of love and inspiration, not out of need or obligation.  As we visit with family and friends in our leisure and enjoy everything that summer has to offer, we can be free to reach for the very best within ourselves.  It's really all about eliminating the potential to incur or experience  negative reactions which tend to impede us on our journey through life.

Now go and enjoy a very positive long weekend!  I plan to.

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