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25 July, 2011


Following along with the "caring/not caring" theme introduced in my previous post, I was taken by something astrologer-philosopher Jonathon Cainer said the other day:  "Feeling good is not always related to what you've got or what you are striving for.  Sometimes, it is linked to how little you care!"

On the surface that may seem like a strange statement, but I know what Jonathon was driving at.  You can be missing out on many things in life, but if you are content with the few things you actually do have, you won't care about the others.  Sometimes too, when we are attempting to overcome a bad habit or struggling to loose weight, quit smoking or dealing with any number of other addictions, satisfaction is directly linked to finding the ability to give up on something we have come to rather like and is readily available to us.  In this case we have to work on not caring about what we are giving up.

It is all a matter of degree.  How little we care about something, or how much we do care.  There is an up side to caring as well as a down side.  We have to be careful and selective.

And in following our heart we should not be deterred by what others may think.

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