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18 December, 2010


Has the thought that life is sort of like a movie ever crossed your mind?  It certainly has for me.

In fact, if you look around, you start to notice that we all play certain roles in life.  This can be good or bad depending on the role that we've been "cast in" by life.

But wouldn't it be nice if you could play the role that YOU WANT?  I'm talking about being the person YOU want to be.

Maybe you want to be outgoing and fun or possibly make a major contribution in some way, shape or form.  Or maybe you'd rather be financially comfortable.  How about just being a better person?  We can all think of a long list of roles we would like to play in our own life movie, I am sure.

I have studied positive thinking and the art of turning dreams into reality for many years and for some reason I have never fully been able to master the techniques.  Maybe it is simply because I am just more comfortable living in my harmless little, fanciful dream world rather than taking the steps necessary to make certain things happen.

The thought of being a "star" in my own movie production was introduced to me the other day and it kind of impacted my thinking in a new way.  Quite simply, we all have the ability to see ourselves as the persons we want to be and there is nothing stopping us from taking on that role and playing it through to a happy (Hollywood) ending.

So for me, while there are still a few yards of unexposed film remaining on the old movie reel, it's "lights, action -- camera!"

...Coming soon to a theatre near you! 

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