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24 December, 2010


In keeping with my belief that music is synonymous with the Christmas tradition, bringing to life the true meaning behind everything we celebrate, I post the following with thanks to Inspiration Manifestation of which I am a subscriber.

Songbird Amy Grant sang for years in church and in her school. When she was 15 years of age she took a simple job at a Nashville recording studio sweeping floors and demagnetizing tapes. Soon after that, a friend helped her to duplicate a tape of her original songs.

As chance would have it, a “Word Records” producer heard the tape. He then played it over the phone for some company executives and just before she turned 16, Amy Grant signed her first recording contract.

Aside from the fact that Amy was the first Contemporary Christian artist to reach platinum sales status and the first Christian artist to win a Grammy for Best Pop Gospel Performance she is credited for something much larger.  Contemporary Christian music was making headway in the mid-’80s, however, she was the first Christian artist to crossover and achieve success in the secular genre. Her Christian audience at first didn’t take kindly to that, but her longevity has proven that it was meant to be as more and more Christian artists and songs continue to grace the airways and the televised music award shows.

This song “Breath Of Heaven” was written by Chris Eaton. He has penned songs for the Who’s Who of recording artists. Along with being a recording artist himself, he is considered to be one of the most influential Christian artists.

When Amy heard this song she immediately wanted to record it. Ironically she was expected her own baby at the time and asked Chris if she could change a lyric in the chorus to reflect her feelings which she felt might have paralleled Mary’s experience of expecting her baby “Jesus”. Chris agreed, but only for Amy's version.

Another meaningful contribution to the world of music and an even greater gift to those who find special significance in it. 

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