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27 March, 2010


"Neighbour", said Old Humphrey to one of his rural friends on an early Spring afternoon, "You have splashed some mud on your trousers.  You should be more careful and watch where you are walking this time of year." 

The neighbour civilly thanked Old Humph for his advice and then added that as he had scrutinized his pant legs so closely, it would do no harm to take a glance at his own.  Sure enough, looking down Humphrey realized that  he too had encountered some mud and the evidence was still quite obvious on the cuffs of his trousers.

"How I picked up that mud, I do not know, but as it turned out I was in no position to be giving such harsh advice to my friend," Humphrey was later to admit in retelling his story.  "I resolved that day to give a sharp look out for my own imperfections, before I ventured to rebuke those of another."

If it were only half as easy to amend ourselves, as to reprove others; and if in giving advice we could secure the benefit we are so intent at times on offering, wouldn't we all be so much better off?

Thanks again, Old Humphrey!

"O would some power the gift give us,
To see ourselves as others see us..."
-- Robert Burns

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