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21 March, 2010


A little boy with penetrating eyes and furrowed brow asks "why do you so often forget about me, leaving me alone with feelings of doubt and with so many questions, so desperately at times needing something as simple as an embrace?

"We started out, you and I, so innocent and full of dreams.  We wanted the same things -- happiness, achievement, success, love.  We even thought, naively perhaps, that we would explore the world together. But you went off on your own, so anxious to leave me behind, so much in a hurry to grow up.

"And grow up you did!  You were not always orthodox in your approach to life but somehow you managed to do a few things that actually made me feel proud of you.  On balance however, you disappointed me because you so often forgot to be true to what we started out to be.  You were careless, ill-advised, short-sighted and yes, even selfish more times than I care to count.  Your ego often got the best of you and you pretended to be what you were not.  You could have accomplished much more in life had you not been so wasteful of God-given potential, had you not given in to weakness by taking the easy way out of difficult situations. 
"You needed the innocence, trust and compassion that we once shared.  Instead you left me behind...You thought that you were through with me...You forgot and I never fully understood why. 

"Now you are left to live with what you have been and with what you have become, for better or worse.  In the time given us, I plead with you now to please bring me back into your life?  You have changed, but I have not.  We can once again be a happy blend of each other --  me that kid who relies on you to do what is in our best interests, and you the man who is still capable if only he remembers.  I know that you've got it in you.

"You need me now more than ever-- just as I have always needed you."

I hear you loud and clear, little guy.  You have moved me beyond belief and all I can ask is "what took you so long to break your silence and to open my eyes?"  Have I been that blind that I could not see?

Rest assured I will never again forget you...I will never again let down either one of us. I am so sorry!  Thank you for staying 'within' me and for being my conscience.  Let's cling to each other and make up for accumulated hurt over the years, then carry on hand-in-hand until we are no more.

I almost lost you, but I feel a new oneness with you now.  My arms enfold you, my child, my self.

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