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07 October, 2009


We are seeing a lot of the colour orange these days, due primarily to the arrival of the fall season and the celebration of Thanksgiving.

While the colour orange has different symbolic meanings, individual reactions to it seem to vary widely.  The other day my 16-year-old grandson, Joshua, offered what I think is a relatively unique impression of  "orange".

Commenting on his Facebook site, Josh said that he had just recently become aware of the colour orange and to him it seemed to have "a sense of goodness about it."  For someone his age, Josh is a pretty deep thinker and not at all afraid to express his feelings  -- a refreshing trait, to this grandfather's way of thinking.

In a way, I think I know where Josh is coming from and I will never look at the colour orange in the same way again.  Generally though, orange has been looked on as a power colour and one of healing.  It is said to increase the craving for food and is primarily associated with vitality and endurance.

People who like orange are usually thoughtful and sincere, according to colour expert Emily Gems.  She also points our that wearing orange during times of stress, or shock, can help to balance emotions. 

But a word of caution for Josh in all of this:  Orange is also the colour associated with the Sacral Hara Chakra (sexuality and reproduction).  Don't get to like orange too much just yet, Bud!

When you're feeling kind of orange, temper the mood with some blue...It's a "cooling" colour! 

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