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20 October, 2009


Updated Saturday, October 24/09

The monthly meeting of the Dawn Township Historical Society on Wednesday evening, Oct. 21, at Rutherford, turned out to be another book signing opportunity for me.  Response to an open invitation to the general public from the Kent County/Dresden area was most gratifying and I was amazed at the number of old school classmates, family friends and acquaintances who turned up to hear me speak and to purchase copies of my books.  Society President Lillian Steele (above) shared a laugh with me during a break in the meeting. 

I was privileged to be asked to be the guest speaker at the monthly meeting of the Dawn Township Historical Society meeting Wednesday night (Oct. 21).  It was another "going home" of sorts for me. 

The society has been working for the past five years on a massive project that will trace the history of this small southwestern Ontario pioneer community in Lambton County.  A $25,000 grant from the Trillium Foundation has been a proverbial shot in the arm for a dedicated group of volunteers from the area.

The old township of Dawn was victim of municipal amalgamation several years ago and is now designated as Dawn-Euphemia Township, north of  Dresden and south of Petrolia.  The combined population of the township is only 2,190 and students from the area attend secondary school in either Dresden or Petrolia, both of which serve as local service centres for residents.

In addition to the former Dawn Township, Camden Gore, Dresden, Dawn Mills and Croton are being included in the history, due to be published soon.

The historical society meets in the Rutherford fire hall, just a stone's throw from the site of an old chicken barn on the farm of Pat Johnston where we used to play hockey and a "sand lot" across the road that was the scene of many baseball wars back in the good old days.  

The old familiar landmarks are gone now, but one thing remains the same -- the spirit of the people of Dawn. 

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