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13 July, 2009


Consider this story from the imagination.

A little girl, about four years of age, came crying to her mother as if her heart was breaking. She had been sitting very quietly for some time on a little stool in her bedroom, sewing a piece of cloth from her doll kit for practice just as her mommy had shown her.

When her mother inquired about the cause of her distress, the small one reluctantly revealed that it was a broken thread. She seemed overwhelmed with the conviction that all her work was in vain.

"Did you think, sweetie, that I could not fasten it together again for you?" asked the mother, wiping the streaming tears from her daughter's flushed cheeks. "Yes," sobbed the child.

"Oh! but I can in a minute," replied the mother. "See, just like that!" she exclaimed with a few quick twists of the needle and thread.

When you stop to think about it, how often have we been like that little girl -- depressed at a particular twist of fate? How often have we poured out our grief with, as it were, a broken thread in our hand not considering how easy it would be to reattach it with a little faith and application -- how easy it would be, likewise, to ask our Heavenly creator to heal all the broken hearts of His children when they cry.

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