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23 July, 2009


"Heavenly sunshine, heavenly sunshine, filling my life with glory Divine..."

We are all lovers of sunshine. The eyes brighten while gazing at the natural beauty of a sunlit scene. That warm beam of heavenly light has penetrated our very heart and made us feel glad to be alive. I am looking forward to much more of it this summer if, in fact, summer-type weather comes to stay with us for more than a day or two at a time.

But you know, there is another kind of sunshine that we all love. Is there not someone in your life whose smile is a brighter and dearer sunbeam to you than the brightest ray that gladdens the earth on a summer's day? That would be the smile of some dear being whose every thought is blended with our own and without which this would be a very gloomy world indeed.

Some time ago I wrote a post in Wrights Lane about the merits of a smile and, not so coincidentally, I end my latest book on that very subject. Like sunshine, a smile truly brightens our day.

There is yet another kind of sunshine that is in store for us -- an eternal kind of sunshine that no night shall ever cover over. The last cloud in the valley of the shadow of death will break away before the dawning of eternal daylight, and everlasting sunshine, for every one of us. It has been expressly written, that: "There shall be no night there."

May the clouds and storms of this life, then, be borne with patient and joyful anticipation...And a "sunny" smile!

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