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08 April, 2016


The coffee that went for a ride...On the roof of my car.
If it was not for having fun at my own expense, I would have very little fun at all.  In fact some of my fun experiences are actually amazingly unbelievable.

Today, for instance, I made my routine early evening trip to Tim Horton's to pick up a small coffee, large ice cap and 12-grain bagel for Rosanne (what the heck, I have to pamper her), a medium coffee for me -- and an old-fashioned plain Timbit for my dog Lucy (I pamper her too).

As is my practise, I placed the beverage carrying tray on the roof of my car in order to open the door.
The bagged bagel and Timbit was habitually tossed on the passenger's seat.

On the six-block drive home a guy, walking a dog at the side of the road, gave me what I considered a dirty look.  "What's his problem?" I wondered.

Pulling into my driveway and slowly coming to a halt (didn't want to spill my coffee, been there and done that) I came to a startling revelation.  Something was missing -- the coffee.  "Where's the coffee?...Oh no, don't tell me..." was my instant reaction.  "Surely not!"

I could not remember bringing the tray of coffee into the car.  I was afraid to get out and look...Another $6.35 down the drain, I thought.  As I opened the door expecting the worst, I sheepishly glanced up at the roof.

...And what to my wondering eyes should appear -- the coffee, fully intact in the tray, exactly where I had absent mindedly left it.  Miraculously, after six blocks, two stop signs and three corners turned, it hadn't moved an inch.  No wonder the guy walking his dog gave me that strange look.

Boy, did I ever have a story to tell Rosanne!

The coffee tasted particularly good that evening.

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