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23 April, 2013

Vote for Madison Brennan - Harrow, ON in the 2013 National Mobility Awareness Month "Local Hero" contest!

NOTE FROM DICK: I am supporting highly-deserving teenager Madison Brennan in conjunction with a National Mobility Awareness Month initiative. Madison is the granddaughter of a friend, Robbie Davis of Southampton, and the daughter of Jay and Carol Brennan of Harrow, ON. A vote for Madison could help her win a 2013 wheelchair accessible vehicle. Just look for her (*Enter to Win...Find A Local Hero) on the National Mobility Awareness Month web site at You can also Google "Madison Brennen, Harrow, ON." to gain access to the voting site.

Madison is a bright, sociable, enthusiastic 17-year-old girl. She has overcome and surpassed countless obstacles in her life. She was born at 24 weeks, weighing only 1lb 10oz and was given only a10% chance of living. She is profoundly deaf and has Cerebral Palsy which has completely confined her to a wheelchair and is unable to move independently. She has faced many adversities but still has the most contagious smile and laugh you have ever seen or heard. She struggles with the day to day things in life that we take for granted and at the same time you’re inspired by her strength and persistence. Madison enriches the lives of everyone she meets, but as she gets older and bigger she is having increased health issues such as severe chronic tone pain for which she receives regular injections to control the pain and is only comfortable using her electric wheelchair.
Even though she tries to look beyond her disabilities and fit in, she still feels the frustration of her limitations regularly. Now only being able to feel comfortable in her electric chair she is limited even further because school and home are the only places she can go in her electric wheelchair. This vehicle would enrich Madison’s life tremendously. It would help her be able to live a productive life. She would be able to go places like the mall with her friends and out in the community to dances and other events and even to doctor’s appointments in comfort. It would also give her back some of her independence and freedom and help her live her life to the fullest and enable her to continue to inspire and enrich everyone she meets.

Gramma Robbie thanks you in advance for supporting Madison with your vote...I do too!  Note also that you can vote for Madison every day until the contest closes.

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