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25 April, 2013


If your prayers are not being answered, there are those who might suggest the possibility that you are beseeching the wrong deity.  They might also say that you are making your supplications in an inappropriate fashion.  Personally, I do not think that there is a wrong way to pray.  There is a wrong way to wish for things, however.  Sincere wishes, expressed in a spiritual way and given over to God's universe, are similar to the act of praying and have every possibility of being granted.  If that possibility makes you feel uncomfortable, you may be well advised to wish (or pray) for something else.

I like what someone said about addictions the other day...We all have them, right?  We might readily allude to the "little" addictions in our life, but some are not quite so little.  We might think, "I'm fond of my coffee in the morning."  But on that odd morning when we run out of coffee, we realize that we are more than fond of it, in fact we are hooked on it.  My friend suggested that situations like that can present opportunities for us.  "It is just when we realize just how reliant we have become on something that we are blessed with the greatest chance to learn how to overcome that dependency."  Certainly, we do not need to feel trapped by anything in life, but if I'm going to be "hooked" on something I'll take coffee every time.

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