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24 February, 2012


I am a great one for giving advice through my writing on Wrights Lane.  Sometimes I think that I should concentrate more on giving advice to myself.  But, then again, maybe much of the time I am doing exactly that, albeit indirectly.

I know that opening salvo requires some explanation.

There have been countless times when I have been stressed or down in the dumps for some reason.  Just recently for instance, I have been struggling with a feeling of helplessness as I await a diagnosis on a prolonged, debilitating hip problem that I have been enduring.  Will I require surgery?  Will I be laid up for an extended period of time? In view of Rosanne's disability, who will provide required assistance during recuperation?  After so many years as a care-giver, will the role now be reversed for me?

Most of us, I'm sure, have days when we feel alone and exasperated, overloaded and unappreciated; when the many balls that we keep in the air aren't noticed, let alone rewarded; when dragging ourselves out of bed in the morning requires the determination of Hercules.  It is at times like this when any health problems tend to be magnified.

As I think about it now, sharing with others reminds me that I'm not experiencing life in a vacuum.  That other people have problems.  Other people have feelings.  Other people do not have all the answers either.  It reminds me that I am human and that we are all trying to buoy each other where ever possible.  That we are supporting one another while working through our "stuff".  It reminds me that I do not have to be perfect before I can help others because, instead it is my imperfection that bonds me to others.

I am reminded too that I am not supposed to weather storms all on my own, and sharing how I feel always lessens my emotional load.  Expressing it to someone else who may be undergoing the same thing, makes it seem less weighty.  That is exactly the concept behind "misery enjoys company."  It is my experience that misery is not the only emotion that covets company -- they all do in one way or another.

The force that guides the stars also guides each and every one of us because we are, or will, go through similar experiences.  Being able to share in this way is a beautiful thing.  Only trouble is that many times we choose to keep it bottled up inside.

I am of the opinion that we should be more expressive.  We should not be alone  in our experiences.  We need to understand that we are never alone or helpless -- even when we have hip problems and the future is a bit cloudy.

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