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02 April, 2011


The older I get the more isolated I am with my thoughts and who I have become.  There is an overwhelming sense of helplessness, too, in what may be in store.  I struggle with the odds as I gamble with the hands that are continually dealt me in this card game of life.  The more I search for meaning the more evasive it becomes.

Good old Jonathan Cainer had an interesting twist recently on life in general when he compared it to "going up"  in a department store elevator (we seem to be on an analogy kick these days).

First floor:  friendships, hobbies and social occasions, which tend to dwindle with age.

Second floor:  family and domestic pleasures.

Third floor:  creative endeavours and commitments.

Fourth floor:  spiritual quests and intellectual challenges.

In the department store of experience, much depends on which buttons we press in the elevator and it really is not a question of going up or down.  It's a question of making the most of whatever floor you find yourself on.  There are problems, doubts, even disappointments, attached to every situation we encounter, but there are wonderful benefits too...Sometimes we just have to try a little harder to look for them.

Heaven help us though, when we land on a vacant floor.  It can be very lonely there.

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