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09 April, 2011


Back in June of 2009 I published an item, Roses for me in December, that had been prompted by a message I received from Hevinlee Melton whose 28-year-old daughter was seriously ill with cancer.  I was pleasantly surprised to receive the following good news email from Hevinlee this evening, almost two years later.

"I wish to thank everyone for their prayers for my daughter who had stage 2 lymphoma. I praise God and give Him all the glory for healing her. She just had her second year follow-up and she is CANCER FREE !  GLORY TO GOD !!! I thank Him for prayer partners and keep you forever in my prayers as well." 
--Hevinlee M.
The initial post and Hevinlee's original email. 

June 10, 2009

If you ever wondered why I produce Wrights Lane, the following comment in response to my "One Couple's Journey With Cancer" site will answer that question. Certainly, for me, it makes everything worthwhile. I hope it is not construed as self-serving.

Dear Dick:
"Thank you for your bittersweet story of love, courage, devotion and endurance. I found this site quite by chance as my eyes captured the word "cancer".

"My 28-year-old daughter is fighting cancer too. She is married with two small babies and our faith in God is still moving mountains. I shall include you in my prayers. You and Anne had that once-in-a-lifetime kind of marriage. Such devotion; such love! I could almost feel it.

"May God continue to comfort and guide you. I read somewhere that 'God gave us memories so that we could have roses in December.' May you have roses in December. God less you..."
--Hevinlee Melton

NOTE:  ...Please join me in praying for Hevinlee's daughter and the two babies who so desperately need their young mother.
Thank you to the readers of Wrights Lane who may have offered prayers.

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