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04 September, 2010


I find myself frequently saying rather off-handidly about someone, "Oh, they are their own worst enemy."  I have even thought the same about myself a time or two. 

For some reason, the realization just hit me that in reality we can be our own worst enemies or we can be our own best friends.  In the degree that we become friends to the highest and best within us, we become best friends to those around us; and in the degree that we become enemies to the same highest and best within us, we literally become enemies to all.  We're really not talking rocket science here, are we?

In the sense that we open ourselves to the higher powers available to all of us and let them manifest through us, we serve as transmitters of inspiration for others.  In this way we all have the potential to be redeemers -- and best friends

As one who has matured in the craft of writing, I subscribe to the precept:  "Look into thine own heart and write.  Be true.  Be fearless.  Be loyal to the promptings of your own soul."   For the most part I have become my own amanuensis, writing my own self into my work.  I can put no more into my humble literary efforts than what I myself am.

Having made the forgoing declaration, I pray that what I am is good enough at times to reach hearts, to stimulate, to enrich, to bring a little joy to the lives of others.  I can do that only if I am my own best friend.

Please accept the friendship that is within me as it continues to emanate from Wrights Lane (subsequently Facebook) and onto your monitor screen.  May there be an ultimate mutual manifestation for those with whom we share.

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