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08 September, 2010


In taking a trip around the horn a time or two, most of us have managed to gain some perspective on life and have learned to focus on what is really most important.  Many of us too, have thought about past choices and how things may or may not have happened differently.

Not that we necessarily second-guess ourselves but in reflective moments, of which I have many, we tend to think "if I only had it to do all over again"... 

I hear frequently from a chap by the name of John Reese who claims to have made a million dollars in Internet marketing.  Generally, I take what John says under advisement, but the other day he came up with an interesting philosophical concept.

"I've come to realize that life really is shorthand and it's passing by in the blink of an eye," he states.  He went on to explain that recently he has been engaged in a mental exercise that he highly recommends for everyone. "Whatever you are doing today, or with your days right now, imagine eventually being 10 years into the future. And imagine being able to get into a Time Machine and visit TODAY (10 years earlier). Would you want to be doing now whatever you were doing then? Or would you wish you had spent those days doing something else?" he asks.

It took me a minute, but I was finally able to wrap my mind around what John was suggesting and quite simply it was that it is never too late to tackle something that you have always wanted to do.  Mind you, I have always wanted to own a motorcycle but I am sure it would not be a wise move now at my age.  Some things are just not practical or in our best interests, given the fact that we are not as young as we used to be.

I see merit, however, in taking on a long-suppressed challenge if it is a reasonable one and that you can get started with it in some small way that can be accommodated in your life at present time.  Fulfilling a lifetime dream or ambition can be a gratifying experience.

You know what?  I might still get that motorcycle -- providing I win a lottery.  Now there's a lifetime dream for you! 

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