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18 May, 2010


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This was a humble attempt to portray my baseball dream in a video format.  Every kid who ever stepped foot on a baseball diamond has fantasized about some day playing in the Major Leagues.  Each era has its heroes and role models and this just happens to be about mine, some 65 years ago...Only the names and faces change with each passing decade.

"The Baseball Dream" can also be viewed full screen on YouTube

Hope you enjoy watching it.

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Michael Langlois, said...

Dick, the photos of the all-time baseball greats brings back warm memories. My Dad was a huge Yankee fan, and loved both Gehrig and Ruth, but also admired so many others like Ted Williams and Jackie Robinson. Baseball for me was always a pastoral game, meant to be played in intimate settings on real grass, as it was in those golden olden days and even today in many of the beautiful new parks. Maybe more than any other sport, because it coincides with springtime and young boys' dreams, baseball still holds that timeless appeal. Thanks for your video. Michael Langlois,