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12 January, 2010


As it turns out, I'm a glorified short order cook in our house and it is not without its challenges.

It was just a couple of hours ago...The time was 12:20 p.m., roughly 2 1/2 hours after a rather late breakfast.  "I'm starving," Rosanne announced.  "I'd like a tuna melt for lunch and don't dillydally -- I'm really hungry." 

Typically slow to react, I paused for a second to consider her request (order?).  "Get going," she barked, "And while you're at it get me an ice cream cone to tide me over.  If I don't eat right away, I'm going to be sick."

Now, I readily admit to being an enabler when it comes to facilitating my wife's food cravings and spontaneous needs -- that's part of her/our trouble.  But ice cream to tide her over til lunch in about 15-minutes time?

I pretended not to hear her. 

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